5 Days Big Five Wildlife Safari Uganda

5 Days Big Five Wildlife Safari murchison falls

5 Days Big Five Wildlife Safari Uganda – Murchison Falls National Park Tour

Murchison falls national park is located in the north western part of Uganda the pearl of Africa. the park is a home of several wildlife such as lions, leopards, elephants, chimpanzees, buffaloes, hippos and many more.

The park is also known for the magnificent world’s waterfalls through the 45m deep narrow gorge and flows north towards lake Albert through the Victoria Nile bisects the park into two sections forming the south and northern banks.

Whereby the south is occupied by the woodland and tropical rainforest vegetation which gives you a chance to spot the chimpanzees  and lots of more wildlife  while the northern sequin is occupied by the Savannah and riverine vegetation that offer an opportunity of spotting the  animals like the giraffes, lions, elephants over 420 bird species.

As you’re the trip you take chance of seeing the big five African wildlife that rule the jungle and they are the lion, leopard, elephant, buffaloes, and the rhino. you also visit the chimps in one of the east African densest rain-forests.

5 Days Big Five Wildlife Safari

Detailed Tour Plan for the 5 Days Big Five Wildlife Safari Uganda

Day 1: pick up and transfer to cuisine falls national park from your pick up place. take a visit at thee Ziwa rhino sanctuary for a walk to the white rhinos.

Day 2: early morning chimpanzee tracking in the budongo forest and the afternoon transfer to the top of the falls for either a hike or enjoy the sound of the falls as you view them

Day 3: early morning safari on the northern side of the Murchison falls national park for wildlife sighting like antelopes, hyenas, hippos and lot of unique bird species. expect an afternoon launch tip on the Victoria Nile that will bring you to the bottom of the mighty waterfalls

Day4: you will have hold day safaris of full day safaris with breakfast and lunch breaks to increase our chances of spotting amazing wildlife around the park

Day 5: transfer back to Kampala or Entebbe international airport.

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