Reasons To Visit Uganda

7 Reasons To Visit Uganda

7 Top Reasons To Visit Uganda – Why you should visit Uganda

Best described by Sir Winston Churchill in 1908 as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is undoubtedly one of Africa’s leading destinations. Compared to most countries, Uganda is a small landlocked country in East Africa. She prides herself as a home to majestic mountains, abundant wildlife including a huge profusion of primates, birds, mammals, reptiles; dazzling Crater Lakes and the source of the River Nile. Visitors on Uganda safari holiday certainly have something to explore and experience in this magical destination.

Here are some of the reasons to visit Uganda

Mountain Gorillas

Uganda shelters half of all the 1063 rare mountain gorillas that still thrive on earth today. Tracking to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is such a thrilling encounter of a lifetime one major reason majority consider Uganda a must-visit destination in Africa. Interestingly also, 2 gorilla trekking spots exist in Uganda alone; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Bwindi alone features 20 habituated gorilla family groups and only one is present in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Mountain gorillas exist only in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo but compared to Rwanda, gorilla permits in Uganda cost only US Dollars 700. It is possible to book both your gorilla safari and Uganda gorilla trekking permit with our reservation team.

A top primate Tracking Destination

In addition to mountain gorillas, Uganda also protects diversity of primate species including among others the golden monkeys-these exist only in the Virunga Conservation Area (Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Southwestern Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in DRC). There is also a huge profusion of chimpanzees accounting for a population of about 5050, mangabeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, L’Hoest monkeys, red colobus monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, pottos to mention but a few.

A home to Complete list of Africa’s Big 5 game

A side from being a magical primate paradise, Uganda also protects all the big five African game which tourists on Uganda safari enjoy great sight of game/wildlife viewing tour. They include African bush lions (interestingly, there are also tree climbing lions), leopards, buffaloes, bush elephants and rhinos (tracked at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary).

On a big game safari, there is possibility to also capture great views of other wildlife ranging from the Rothschild giraffes, zebras, countless antelope families, hippos, birds, warthogs to mention but a few. The premier parks to go game drive on Uganda safari include Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park (the only refuge to tree climbing lions in Uganda), Lake Mburo and Kidepo Valley National Park.

A Top Birding Destination

Birding is one of the best reasons you should visit Uganda. Uganda is listed among the top bird watching destinations in the world, boasting of a huge concentration of 1080 bird species record. It accounts for 60% of the Africa’ bird species and 10% of the world’s bird species.

There is no better place to enjoy great sight of diverse forest birdlife, aquatic birds, terrestrial and migratory birds in Africa than in Uganda. She boasts of her rare birdlife which include the elusive shoebill stork, green breasted pitta, Great Blue Turaco, African green broadbill, pelicans, flamingoes, King fishers and all these can be spotted in the country’s diverse birding spots.

Visit and explore the Source of the Nile

The only source of the mighty River Nile lies in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. River Nile is one of the world’s longest Rivers and has its source here in Uganda. There are countless exciting adventures to engage in while on Uganda safari at the source of the Nile including bungee jumping, jet boating, kayaking, white water rafting, boat cruise and a lot more.

Meet and Interact with the People

There is no better place to experience the warm welcome in Africa than in Uganda. The people of Uganda are humble, warm welcoming and offer that hospitality you deserve as a visitor. Over 60 tribal groups exist in Uganda and regardless of diversity in cultures, they live harmoniously and amazing to interact with any of them. Uganda is generally known as a boiling pot of cultures and on Uganda safari, there is possibility to incorporate cultural safaris with a number of other primate, wildlife or hiking safaris.

Enjoy the Breathtaking Sceneries

Uganda is endowed naturally and it is here where you can embark on mystical challenge to the magnificent Margherita peak on Rwenzori Mountain ranges also best known as Mountains of the Moon. Also, you also have a chance to explore some of the world’s freshest water lakes like Lake Victoria which is also one of the largest lakes on earth, Lake Bunyonyi-one of the world’s deepest lakes.


Reasons To Visit Uganda

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